Tougher Gun Laws for Australian State Three Years in the Making

Tougher Gun Laws for Australian State Three Years in the Making
Tougher security requirements for Tasmanians storing guns at home are expected to feature in a raft of amendments to the state’s gun laws. It follows revelations from police that 250 firearms have been stolen in Tasmania in the past year, one sixth of the national total, despite the state having only 2 per cent of the population. Police have also revealed they are investigating the state’s firearms database and licensing process after the spike in gun crime. It comes… [ABC News (Australia), via]

In Indonesia: Challenge is to Keep Out Illegal Guns
Money may be the only constraint when it comes to owning a gun in Indonesia – illegally. To own it legally, strict prerequisites apply. One must be physically and mentally fit, not bad-tempered – based on a psychology test at the national police headquarters – and between age 21 and 65, with no criminal record. Police will also evaluate the need for owning a gun before granting a permit. High-ranking civil servants and senior managers at private firms may be… [Straits Times (Singapore), via]

Routine Traffic Stop in Australia Leads to Haul of Illegal Guns
Police have uncovered a cache of illegal weapons including an AK47 in three central Queensland homes. During a routine traffic stop on July 15 police discovered an unsecured weapon in the car of a 69-year-old Mount Morgan man. When police later searched the man’s home they found another 28 weapons, including eight handguns. Through further investigations police uncovered a total of 150 weapons at two other homes. The loot included an AK47, 20 handguns,… [Brisbane Times (Queensland), via]

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