Brazil Shocked as ‘Sweet Child’ Apparently Murders His Own Family

Brazil Shocked as ‘Sweet Child’ Apparently Murders His Own Family
São Paulo police have said that Marcelo Pesseghini was a “sweet child”. They are mystified as to why on Sunday evening the 13-year-old pupil seemingly murdered his police officer parents, his grandmother and his aunt before shooting himself. Three of the victims were apparently sleeping in the family home in Brasilândia, north São Paulo, when they were killed. The body of his mother, Andreia, 36, was found slumped on her knees beside a bed, her arms covering her… [Guardian (UK), via]

Officials Suspect Single-Barrel Guns Being Made in Liberia, Held Illegally
Unconfirmed reports gathered by this paper suggest that single-barrel guns widely used by hunters in all parts of Liberia are being produced here with reports pointing to Grand Gedeh and Lofa Counties, two of the counties with a significant portion of the country’s tropical rainforests where there is incessant pillage and hunting of rare animals or endangered species as well as illicit mining by both local and migrant communities. Artisans from neighboring countries… [New Republic Liberia, via]

American School Arming Teachers With Concealed Handguns
CLARKSVILLE, Arkansas — When classes at Clarksville High School resume in August assistant principle Cheyne Dougan will be among the more than 20 teachers, administrators and other employees in the school district carrying concealed weapons. After a school shooting in Connecticut last December that left 20 children and six teachers dead, the idea of arming schoolhouses against gunmen was hotly debated across the country. The National Rifle Association declared it… [Toronto Star (Ontario), via]

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